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How We Serve Our Customers

Sunshine Scenic Tours is a progressive Coach and Tour Company with over 22 years of experience.We provide a wide range of high quality services to our customers.Coach Tours, Weekends away, complete packages, as well as school and airport transfers.Our office and depot is based in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Features and Description

  • High deck

    this means that passengers sit up almost as high as a semi trailer, giving all passengers an unobstructed view of the road (whilst the driver sits lower)

  • Electric Urns

    On request, we can provide a coach equipped with a built in urn. This 20 litre unit can provide enough boiling water for several cups each.

  • Toilets

    Every coach is fitted with a bathroom with hand basin and electric hand dryer

  • Kneeling suspension

    For ease of access, every coach has the ability to kneel to one side, dropping the step down to curb level.

  • DVD and Sound

    Each coach features a minimum of two tv and a maximum of five screens. Giving every passenger throughout the coach a clear view of the action.

    Passengers are welcome to bring their own CDs on charters.

    Coaches also have both driver and passenger microphones, enabling the head of the tour to keep their group informed without having to yell.

    (There’s no reason why it can’t be used for karaoke either! )

  • Wheelchair access

    Available on request, three of our coaches can accommodate passengers in wheelchairs.Four seats are lost for the first wheelchair, while six seats are lost for two wheelchairs

  • Reclining chairs

    Every seat in every coach has the ability to recline, making it easier to get some shut-eye while we do the driving.

  • Curtains

    Curtains are fitted to every coach.

  • Luggage space

    With passengers sitting up so high, leaves plenty of room for the largest of luggage loads

  • Driver performance tracking

    Every vehicle’s’ location is tracked and monitored

    We’ll know if the driver

    – Exceeds the speed limit

    – Brakes heavily

    – Turns too sharply too fast

    – Accelerated too hard

    Your comfort and safety is a big priority to us.

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